Current Projects – Cycle One

Project Charter: Social Media Causal Monitoring – Risk
Principal Investigator: Prof. Georgia Perakis, MIT
Research Stream: Big Data
Objectives/Purpose of Study:

  • Estimate the potential of social media for predicting the popularity and persistence of risk events.
  • Develop replicable approaches for analyzing social media that complement rather than replicate existing approaches.


Project Charter: Linking Analytics to Improved Performance
Principal Investigator: Prof. David Simchi-Levi, MIT
Research Stream: Decision Science
Objectives/Purpose of Study:

  • Identify what it takes to create business value with analytics:
    • Identify strong correlation between business value and capabilities in Analytics
    • Position a company’s analytic capability against an industry specific benchmark
    • Provide the ability to prioritize as companies improve analytic capabilities
  • Identify the level of mastery in business analytics by looking at: technology (tools), sources and types of data, organization (talent and culture), business/decision processes and metrics


Project Charter: Life Event Monitoring of Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Principal Investigator: Prof. Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT
Research Stream: Big Data
Objectives/Purpose of Study:

  • Identify which data can be used to predict significant events in the life of a small to medium sized business.
  • Identify which events can be predicted with greater certainty of occurrence.
  • Identify the mechanisms that increases predictability of events and lead to improved value capture


Project Charter: Equipment Sensors for Optimal Process & Maintenance
Principal Investigator: Prof. Saurabh Amin, MIT
Research Stream: Big Data
Objectives/Purpose of Study:

  • Collect and analyze event and device data from sensors, equipment, machines across the Enterprise leveraging process/network incident management, fault detection and reporting
  • Identify significant attributes, analyze customer usage behaviors, peak cycles, correlate demand patterns & outages. Provide cost reduction guidance and revenue enhancement recommendations