The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Accenture are pleased to host a new innovation consortium. Governed by the Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics, the consortium is an exclusive network of chief analytics officers and their executive equivalents from around the world. The objective of the consortium is to provide a cross-industry forum focused on:

  • Expanding frontiers in the discovery and application of business analytics to drive business outcomes.
  • Shaping future research projects for the Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics.
  • Defining and shaping the role of leaders in the emerging area of analytics.

Members of the consortium have the unique opportunity to:

  • Gain insight from and provide feedback on highly-targeted research projects conducted by MIT and Accenture and shape future research topics.
  • Receive research extracts prior to industry publication.
  • Collaborate with an international network of analytics peers from organizations that use analytics to compete in the most sophisticated ways across industries and geographies.
  • Discuss the impact of emerging trends in analytics, operations research and big data with MIT professors and Accenture analytics experts, who will participate in the consortium as peers and subject matter experts.
  • Access all of the activities, leadership and resources of the Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics.

For more information on the consortium, please contact the Accenture Consortium Administrator.