Ericsson: Right-sizing Capacity and Service Levels

Summary of Case:

Ericsson would like to understand how they can intelligently decide on right capacity (e.g. bandwidth, CPU power etc.) required for multi-billion dollar large and complex ICT service deliveries. The other aspect of the use case would be to determine service level that we can commit for allocated budget and vice versa. The capacity and service levels required to be optimized within and across insourced, outsourced and cloud services. The expected outcomes of this analytics exercise would be reduced cost/loss/risk of failure & delay, optimal service levels and improved impact of investments.

 Key Challenges:

•End-to-end Service Delivery needs to be dimensioned on end user requirements (e.g. user base, locations, availability, performance, RPO, RTO, etc.) and risk management
•End-to-end Service Delivery must be managed whether components are produced in-house or purchased externally as Services with regulated and controlled Service Levels
•Too little capacity and/or too low Service Levels negatively impacts Performance and Stability
•Too much capacity and/or too high Service Levels negatively impacts cost of IT Operations